The Wolmar for London campaign tonight [July 26] “love-bombed” the city’s cyclists, delivering spoke cards with their candidate’s policies to all 10,000 Boris Bikes.


Christian Wolmar is the only short-listed candidate from the two major parties seeking selection to run for election as the Mayor of London and who is not a career politician. He wants the broadest possible backing from Londoners in his party’s open primary process, including votes from Labour supporters, who can sign up to vote before August 12 for a £3 fee.

Christian Wolmar said: “Boris Bikes have been turned into Wolmar Wheels for a night. I want to liberate the hire bikes, making them much more available to ordinary Londoners. At present, they are five times the cost of the Paris Velib and are only available in limited areas where boroughs have contributed to their cost. 

“As Mayor of London, I will make the city’s hire bikes cheaper, extend their reach across the city and create new hubs for them in outer London. And I will make it possible to pay for them with Oyster cards. 

“This is a key part of my cycle revolution which also includes ensuring there are proper cycle facilities in outer London which has been completely ignored by the current Tory Mayor.”

If selected by Labour and elected as Mayor of London in 2016, Wolmar’s promises to cyclists include:

  • A network of safe, segregated, Dutch-style cycle lanes on major roads;
  • Cyclists at the heart of every road junction redesign;
  • A 20mph default on London’s roads that is properly enforced;
  • 10% of all journeys in London by bike by 2020; and
  • A cheaper and more extensive cycle hire scheme

As part of his campaign, Christian Wolmar will be making a world record attempt to visit all London’s Tube stations on Aug 7 (#WolmarTube) and next Sunday (Aug 2) will be riding 100 miles on his street bike in the annual Ride London event (#WolmarBike).

Tonight’s spoke card distribution, with selfies and updates from the docking stations, can be followed on Twitter with the hashtag #WolmarWheels.


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