Christian Wolmar, on Labour’s short-list for selection as the party’s candidate to stand for election as London Mayor in 2016, responded to the publication of the Airports Commission report this morning by stating: “The third runway at Heathrow, as recommended by the report, will never happen. 

“As I predicted on the BBC’s Sunday Politics a fortnight ago, the Commission has gone for Heathrow but with enough wriggle room for Gatwick. 

“Heathrow will never happen because the cost to the public purse is too high and the environmental damage too great. Financially, the Heathrow proposal does not stack up.

“But above all, the opposition within Tory ranks is too great. The MP for Uxbridge is implacable in his opposition to Heathrow expansion, and the MP for Richmond Park has said he will resign his seat and force a by-election if the Government approves a third runway at Heathrow.

“As I highlighted on the BBC, if this Tory Government adopts the report’s recommendation, it makes it impossible for them to support Zac Goldsmith as their candidate for London Mayor.”  


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