A report in Property Week reveals that donations amounting to around £100,000 have been made by big business to three Labour mayoral candidates.


Christian Wolmar, the only non-career politician short-listed for selection, says that this report confirms that if the Labour Party wants a London Mayor who will truly stand-up to the property developers and speculators who have been given near free rein to carve up our city for the past seven years, then he represents the best choice.

“Last week, the political Establishment figures watched as I was undemocratically excluded from appearing on what was supposed to be an election hustings broadcast on LBC radio,” Christian Wolmar said.

“Now, it is reported that three of my Labour Party rivals for selection have been having their campaigns generously funded by property developers.

“My party colleagues forgot to mention this at our election debates.”

Property Week reports today that, “Big-name property developers and investors have emerged as some of the biggest donors to London mayoral candidates in the early stages of the campaign.”

It had already been established that Dame Tessa Jowell received £10,000 towards her campaign from the chairman of Chime Communications, the company founded by Mrs Thatcher’s former spin doctor, Tory peer Tim Bell. Dame Tessa has since taken an executive job with a Chime subsidiary.

Now Property Week reports that Canary Wharf Ltd has given £11,500 to the Jowell campaign, which has received another £5,000 from the former chairman of Land Securities.

Sadiq Khan’s campaign has received nearly £40,000 in donations from three major property developers.

And David Lammy’s campaign has racked up donations amounting to almost £40,000 from various companies and individuals with multi-million-pound interests in property development in the capital.

Christian Wolmar said: “How can these Labour Party candidates for London Mayor say they will drive hard bargain with developers while taking money from them?

“Labour Party members in London, affiliates and the new supporters who have signed up in recent weeks should demand that they have a candidate who is a Mayor for London, and answerable to Londoners. I am proud to say that I have run a campaign unsullied by donations from big business and vested interests, and if selected, I will continue to campaign in that manner.”

Christian Wolmar is the only non-career politician on Labour’s short-list for party selection to run for Mayor of London next year. He announced his campaign for selection in 2012.

Wolmar is a lifelong Labour member, a journalist and author, who has been campaigning for three years to be selected as his party’s candidate in next year’s City Hall elections.

The Wolmar for London housing policy document, 'Putting a Roof Over Our Heads', published earlier this year, is available here. Free of charge. 

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