The lifeblood of London: transport offers some of the biggest opportunities to make London more affordable, liveable and sustainable. 

Planners and politicians have for too long favoured road-based development over more sustainable modes of transport, ignoring the negative effects. These range from premature deaths because of bad air quality, through to obesity resulting from a lack of transport choices. 

A future travel and transport strategy must move away from past assumptions. A Wolmar Mayoralty will shift people away from cars and towards more sustainable modes of travel, unlocking the enabling role of transport. 

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Cycle Policies

  • A network of safe, segregated, dutch-style cycle lanes on major roads
  • A 20mph default on London's roads that is properly enforced
  • 50,000 new bicycle parking spaces
  • Cyclists at the heart of every road junction design
  • A cycle bridge instead of a garden bridge
  • 10% of all journeys in London by bike by 2020
  • A cheaper and more extensive cycle hire scheme