News release: Busy week before ballots open

Christian Wolmar, who has been campaigning to be the next Labour Mayor of London for longer than any other candidate, is setting off into the final few weeks of the campaign by demonstrating that he is prepared to go the extra mile – or 100 miles – to win the support of Londoners.

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Will Self: I've registered so I can vote Wolmar


Will Self, the internationally acclaimed novelist and writer, has today endorsed Christian Wolmar as the right choice to be Labour’s next Mayor of London.

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#Wolmarwheels: Labour candidate leaflets 10,000 Boris bikes

The Wolmar for London campaign tonight [July 26] “love-bombed” the city’s cyclists, delivering spoke cards with their candidate’s policies to all 10,000 Boris Bikes.


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Wolmar: I have referred the 'Boris Bus' to Meg Hillier

After the revelations I exposed on Monday regarding the con that is the Boris Bus, I have referred the matter to Meg Hillier, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee:

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#WOLMARTUBE: Candidate for Mayor to make world record attempt

Christian Wolmar will attempt to set a world record on Friday August 7 which he is confident that even track superstars Usain Bolt and Mo Farah will never beat.


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Londoners could be in danger from the con that is the Boris bus

The Boris Bus, controversially introduced by London’s Tory Mayor as a replacement for the Routemaster, has major faults which put passengers’ lives at risk according to drivers on the No 24 route, which was the first to have the new buses.


Christian Wolmar being interviewed by Tom Edwards, BBC London

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Wolmar: keep death off our roads, axe polluting Silvertown Tunnel.

Christian Wolmar, short-listed by Labour for selection as the party’s candidate to run for Mayor of London, says that if elected in 2016 he would scrap plans to build a tunnel under the Thames at Silvertown.

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Blog: The Great Depression


The economics of austerity, in Britain and Greece, makes no sense.

It is the most depressing morning. Not just the rain and the greyness in London, but two unconnected political events which seem to signal the triumph of neo-liberalism. 

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Blog: Remembering 7/7's tragic events and what's special about Londoners

Ten years ago today, when the call for me came from LBC very soon after 9am, there was talk of some kind of small explosion on the Underground. It was thought it was an electrical fault.


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Wolmar: Heathrow 3rd runway will never happen

Christian Wolmar, on Labour’s short-list for selection as the party’s candidate to stand for election as London Mayor in 2016, responded to the publication of the Airports Commission report this morning by stating: “The third runway at Heathrow, as recommended by the report, will never happen. 

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