Career politicians work together to keep me as the outsider.

The campaign ended as it began, with me on the outside.

After 12 hustings in which, as I have written in Labour List here I set the agenda for many policies, I was excluded from a debate among Labour Mayoral candidates on LBC on the grounds that there were not sufficient microphones – although then they changed their story and said it was because of my poor poll showings in a YouGov poll of all Londoners.

So we set up a silent picket outside with great placards designed by Dan Cooper (as ever) just simply saying ‘Where’s Wolmar?’ About 20 supporters turned up and we arrived in good time to see in the candidates.

Except we didn’t.

David Lammy, arriving early, rushed inside without bothering even to say hello. But the three others – Dame Tessa Jowell, Diane Abbott and Sadiq Khan - found a back door to avoid going through a picket or discussing the issue with me.

We spotted one of Abbott’s aides scurrying past us through Leicester Square, with her phone clamped to her ear. Clearly, they did not like the prospect of Diane, an ardent socialist and noted left-winger, having to cross a picket line in order to take part in the skewed debate between the four Westminster political figures.

However, a smug selfie of the four of them giggling along with the failed Tory politician, Iain Dale, the show’s presenter, was eagerly tweeted out by him.

It was, in a way, a fitting end. 

Over the past three years, the campaign has managed to get recognised and there have been many good interviews and articles about it. But with the odd exception, these have been online and there has been little in the print media, especially in the Evening Standard which has, for the most part, ignored our efforts.

We started as the insurgent campaign, and ended as such.  Nevertheless, thanks to social media the message has spread far and wide.

While we were kept outside the cosy debate with the career politicians, the Wolmar for London Twitter account attracted its 6,000th follower - far outstripping the number of Twitter followers of those other mayoral campaigns.

I hope that, in the coming days as Labour members, affiliates and the many new supporters, receive their voting forms for the mayoral selection, they consider carefully what happened yesterday evening, and take another look at our policies, and give me their support.

The full story of the campaign has been published by Compass here   






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