Christian Wolmar will attempt to set a world record on Friday August 7 which he is confident that even track superstars Usain Bolt and Mo Farah will never beat.


Wolmar, who is seeking selection by Labour to be the party’s candidate in the 2016 Mayor of London election, will be visiting all 270 stations on the London Underground network. His target is the world record 16hr 14min 10sec, which was set earlier this year.

“I doubt that any London Mayor or candidate has ever been to every Tube station, let alone in one day,” Christian Wolmar said. Wolmar will be using his Tube tour of the city to speak to commuters and Transport for London staff about their journeys and work conditions, and asking how they want it improved. 

The record attempt will be live Tweeted by the Wolmar for London campaign team using the hashtag #WolmarTube, with ordinary Londoners and commuters encouraged to follow his progress around the 250-mile rail network, and even join in to support the effort. 

Wolmar is the author several books on transport, including The Subterranean Railway: How the London Underground Was Built and How it Changed the City Forever. Aged 65, he is a regular runner and cyclist. He is confident that he will be able to establish a world record for the “Tube Challenge” – as the fastest London Mayoral candidate to visit every station on the Underground network.

“The Tube is the backbone of our city’s transport system, and if elected as Mayor of London I will make it a priority to maintain and invest in it, for the benefit of all Londoners,” Christian Wolmar said.

“I want staff and passengers to be satisfied, and for London to continue being proud of its transport.”

Supporting Wolmar’s record attempt will be Adham Fisher, who has the experience of setting a corresponding record for the New York Subway. 


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