Christian Wolmar, who has been campaigning to be the next Labour Mayor of London for longer than any other candidate, is setting off into the final few weeks of the campaign by demonstrating that he is prepared to go the extra mile – or 100 miles – to win the support of Londoners.

 Wolmar will be cycling in Sunday’s RideLondon mass bike ride from the centre of the city out into the (steep!) Surrey Hills and back.

A regular cyclist, Wolmar has ridden his bike to almost every one of the hustings, constituency meetings and media engagements he has attended since he began his campaign to become the next Mayor of London in 2012. When he hasn’t ridden his bike, he’s used London Transport. He has always refused to be driven by car.

Wolmar’s lobbying of the capital’s cyclists has encouraged thousands to sign up as Labour Party supporters.

“Last weekend, we placed 10,000 of our campaign spoke cards on Boris Bikes to publicise our pledges to make London’s roads a safer place for all Londoners,” Christian Wolmar said.

“This weekend, we intend to distribute another 15,000 at the major cycling events in the capital, beginning today at ExCel at the RideLondon registration, and continuing this evening at the Critical Mass demonstration on the South Bank.

“I’ve been terrifically encouraged by the levels of support we have been receiving from ordinary Londoners for our Affordable, Sustainable and Liveable policies, on housing, the environment and on transport.

“These are vote-winning policies which are now being copied by other candidates. But I’ve always been in this for the long-run, developing these policies by discussion and debate over years. Now we’re entering the final lap, and I intend to be busier than ever.

“This is a critical stage of the campaign. We have headline-grabbing events such as #WolmarBike this weekend, and then next Friday is my world record attempt #WolmarTube [Aug 7]. In between, we have special meetings and debates, including ‘What Is Green?’ in Camden next Tuesday evening [Aug 4].

“We want all Wolmar for London supporters – or just those curious to find out more – to feel that they can play a part and come along, and talk to me and members of our campaign team.

“This is the last big push – and we want as much help from our supporters as possible.”


WOLMAR FOR LONDON – The campaign’s next two weeks


Fri Jul 31 

3pm #WolmarBike register for RideLondon at Excel

6pm Critical Mass, Southbank under Waterloo Bridge

Aug 1 – handing out spoke cards at Freecycle

Aug 2 – #WolmarBike – live tweeting from around the 100-mile course, and meeting riders and their families at the finish 

Aug 4 - Debate at Camden People’s Theatre – What Is Green? Few tickets left:

Aug 5 - 6pm Evening Standard hustings, Royal Geographic society

Aug 6 – Paper review on LBC 7am – 8am

Aug 7 - #WolmarTube world record attempt 

Aug 8 - Charlton v QPR

Aug 10 – 2pm meeting at Cressingham Gardens with Lambeth residents  

6pm - South London hustings, Ruskin House, Croydon


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